Monday, November 30, 2015

Alterism : : a New Movement, circa 2002

Alterism : :
a New Movement, circa 2002

Alterism :: a New Movement, circa 2002

Compelled to join this forum by the interesting post and responses to Alterism. I was pleased to see so many researching this Art Form.

Alterism or Alter Art is a Fairly new Term being used in Philosophy and Culture as an Emergence Theory. Alterism has gained incredible momentum as a Fine Art Movement Since It's Inception in 2002. by B.Cubby Brent and Alter of Chasealias DS Pollack. The Artists Use Alters or Avatars Online and in Real Life Performance Art to Question the Reality of Identity. The band Alter Ego uses similar concepts in their musical cannon. Exemplified with their album Alter Art and their album Art which has many Alterism references.

Poetry, Blogging, Self Portraits, Gonzo and Immersion Journalism play a vital role in this Rapidly Growing Net Performance Art.
Since this is a Conceptual Art at its basis anything can be the Art. As a Performance Art the ultimate goal is Existentialism as Art. A Deep Understanding of Living as Art and the oneness of all Humanity.

Oddly the lack of product leads me to on openness. The Idea that a creation of a Mise en Scene with my Conceptual Cannon will be my Art.

That is my"Alterism"

Alter Art

Chasealias DS Pollack

Wilton, CT USA

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